holistic counseling with SAM



“Sam has been on a very deep journey with me and his insights, understanding, and wisdom have helped me see what was so hard to traverse in myself. My process of transformation was held in a way that I had the ability to see things and feel things with out such harsh judgment.  Getting through all the layers of beliefs that were not serving me took both time and patience and practice, and Sam has been there with me. My trust in him is complete.”

                                                                                                                                 JV, age 60

“Sam has been a wonderful therapist and mentor for me during a part of my life where I was going through a deep introspection on my identity, self-acceptance, and body positivity. He helped me through somatic experiences and dream work to unravel, accept, and integrate the messages that I received from my body and my unconscious to live a more holistic life. He continues to inspire me and hold space for me so that I continue to stay on this path of self-discovery and create a meaningful life for myself, my loved ones, and my clients. Sam is an active listener and his acute intuition and deep knowledge of different cultures blended with his sensitivity makes him an awesome therapist.”      

                                                                                                                    Hansparth, age 40

“Sam has been great to work with. He's sincere and comes from an embodied place when working with clients. I loved how he incorporates a somatic approach in the work he does. In fact, there's something very special about both Sam and the work he does and I'd recommend him as a safe, authentic, and caring individual to work with for anyone looking for support in their lives.”      

                                                                                                                               Kali, age 27

My Approach

As  a holistic counselor I aim to create a safe space of acceptance,  healing, and awakening. My focus involves helping you to gain awareness and clarity in relation to your life situation, and helping you to access your own inner wisdom and innate capacity for healing. My goal is to help you to fully flourish and reconnect to the life-force within. 

I bring my experience working with clients from a diverse range of  backgrounds, facilitating groups both in the bay area and internationally, and teaching as a professor of clinical psychology and consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University. 

Specifically, I create a container unique to the needs and context of each client, and,  depending on your comfort level and experience, I may utilize guided meditation, bodywork, movement, artistic expression, and somatic  awareness exercises. These modalities can facilitate a shift in awareness and provide access to deeper healing than talk therapy alone. 

I do this work  because it nourishes my heart and soul. There is a path out of your suffering, and I would be honored to explore if I might be the right person to assist you on that path.